What took off as a small family business at Akwadum near Koforidua in the Eastern Region has become a household name across the country.

Joy Industries Limited started about 10 years ago and through prudent management and hard work of employees, it has risen to be counted as one of the leading alcoholic beverage producers in the country. The transformation from a small production unit into the current sizeable industrial outfit is attributable to the diligence of two brothers: Dr. Manfred Takyi and Dr. Harrison Tetteh who are the chief and deputy chief executive officers, respectively of the company.

It all began in a humble single bedroom apartment with just one product, Joy Ointment, then being managed by Dr. Takyi, Dr. Harrison and Dr. Enoch Sorgin.

Faith in God
Just like any infant industry, the progress to the current position of the company has not been easy.

"We nearly gave up but our strong faith in God kept us going,” Dr. Takyi told The Mirror in an interview in Koforidua..

With only one rickety car which broke down often and lack of access to loans to purchase basic raw materials, the company had it tough in the initial stages.

It can, however, now boast of a modern office and factory on a 48-acre land as well as 350 direct and over 1000 indirect workers across the country.

Company products
Products made by the company now apart from Joy Ointment include Joy Dadi Bitters, Joy Medicated Soap, Joy Twedea Bitters and Joy Mmaa Twedea Bitters.

"All of our products are carefully tested by our Research and Quality Control Department to check for and eliminate any hazardous material. That’s one of the reasons why we are rated as one of the best companies when it comes to the production of high quality herbal medicine,” added Dr Takyi who is in his early 30s.

The company also owns a radio station, Bryt FM 99.1 in Koforidua.

"We have plans to acquire two more radio stations in two different regions as well as the construction of a five- star hotel, a private zoo, an artificial walkway and a school complex in Koforidua,” Dr Takyi said.

Dr Takyi is the first son of Nene Sorgin and Madam Edith Deh, both traders. He has four boys with his wife, Mrs Patricia Takyi, a businesswoman.

After his secondary education at the Suhum Senior High School, he decided to pursue what he perceived as a God-given talent in herbs, through a nurturing programme at the Apenkwa Herbal at Suhum.

He also worked as an interpreter at the Koforidua High Court for 13 years before resigning to go into private business.

Corporate social responsibility
Aware of its social responsibility, the Joy Industries Ltd. has supported both private and governmental organisations with over GH¢2 million.

So far this year, it has also spent about GH¢500,000 on various projects and programmes to benefit the community it operates in.. "We have been partnering a non-governmental organisation to offer free medical screening to various communities around the country. The next stop of this activity will be in the Afram Plains where the people would be screened for Hepatitis B, among other ailments", said Dr. Takyi. The company has also sponsored a number of festivals throughout the country.

According Dr. Takyi, lack of loans from the banks in addition to high taxes on imported alcohol which is the major raw material for the production of the company's flagship product, Joy Dadi Bitters, were some of the challenges facing the company.

Joy Industries Ltd has won several awards in 2014. These included the Best Herbal Product of the Year, Heroes Award in the United States, Fastest- Growing Herbal Company in West Africa and Top Brands for 2014.

Joy Industries is the biggest sponsor for DMAC FOUNDATION and has invested GHC67500. 00 just for the half year for our activities