My name is Asamoah Raphael Gyan ,a volunteer of the Divine Mother and Child Foundation and also a registered nurse.

I was lucky enough to be part of the group that went on the 3 day outreach program on the ekye island.
Some of the activities we carried out was scan for the pregnant women and antenatal services. Immunisation sessions were held for defaulted under 5 children.

We also had screenings on hepatitis B, syphilis, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Blood sugar, Haemoglobin being among the lot.

We also had counselling sessions for clients that required it. Where necessary First Aid was given as well as treating minor ailments.

More defaulted under five children were met and immunised accordingly, and we were hopeful of reaching a herd immunity. More pregnant women benefitted from the scan services with majority of them never getting that luxury before.

Routine drugs to boost their Haemoglobin levels were given to prepare them well for delivery. Health education was also given on many topics with importanceof exclusive breastfeeding, personal hygiene and nutritional needs while pregnant being just a few. A lot were achieved really but these are just a few i would like to mention.

The program was really successful as every community we reached came in thier numbers. The community was also really friendly and nice. I had never eaten so much fish in my entire life, but every house wanted to give us fish to show their appreciation and being a fishing community they had loads of it.

The assembly man of one community even gave us a goat for free!!! This shows how successful the program was and how pleased they were to have us. I could go on and on with beautiful success stories really. It was really nice.

There were some challenges though as most communities were hard to reach and we had only few motorcycles so we had to over load the few bikes we had to reduce fuel consumption and save time. This made it really scary riding through the bushes to reach the communities.

The 2 or so hours we spent in an outboard motor boat was the Longest Scariest time of my life with the boat cruising over tree stamps and even threatened to capsize more than once.

There were times too when our test kits and medication run out which was really bad.

I recommend that hopefully bigger budgets next time would be helpful to prevent shortage of items.

Also a CHPS compound or health centre in Bumpata community would be really helpful for it and its surrounding communities as they have to spend several hours on the river before reaching health services and this does not help at all in cases of emergency.

If even there could be a safer commercial boat working on the river it'll really be helpful.

All in all it was a nice journey and hopefully the challenges would be addressed and recommendations taken into consideration.

The outreach project was sponsored by JOY INDUSTRIES LIMITED

As narrated by
Asamoah Raphael Gyan