• To reduce maternal and child mortality rates through provision of health education and training.

  • Establishment of maternal and child health care delivering service through community mobile health clinic and give support for the training of traditional birth attendants.

  • Establishment of peer support groups in schools, colleges and universities as a social network that could be used to share developmental ideas and discuss potential problems that affect teenagers, youths and young people for possible solution.

  • To collaborate and network with potential partners among NGOs, donors and other institutions, in order to mobilize resources to address the needs and concern of the disadvantaged women and children.

  • Increase awareness and promote positive maternal and neonatal health behaviors

  • To encourage male participation through education.

  • Providing outreach programs and counseling services to encourage family planning, disease to prevention and enable women seek care during pregnancy.

  • To promote research and development the field of women and child health.

  • To raise fund and receive contributions where appropriate to finance the work.


We propose to create a social change by promoting maternal and child health through:

  • Educating mothers and adolescent girls on the principles of safe motherhood and child survival,

  • Encouraging male participation,

  • Breastfeeding and infant health,

  • Encouraging male participation

  • family planning,

  • Prevention and management of unsafe abortion and abortion care

  • Prevention and treatment of reproductive tract infections including HIV/AIDs,

  • Prevention and management of infertility,

  • Prevention and management of cancer of the reproductive systems (Cervical, breast cancer)

  • Immunization and vaccination,

  • Discouragement of harmful traditional practices,

  • Prevention of mother to child transmission.

As we plan and implement our program, we understand that community involvement and participation are essential to achieving long-term success and sustainability.