Joy Herbal Industries

EntryJoy Industries offer unrivaled high standards, from selection of highest grade materials to perfection processing techniques that ensure maximum quality, efficacy and safety.

Every Lot of products are routinely tested by its Quality Control Department. They are tested for heavy metals, purity and microbial content to eliminate any contaminant.

In year 2000 Joy Industries revealed its market leading product, Joy Ointment to Pharmaceutical shops, licensed chemical shops, distributors and individuals on the market.

Joy Industries give serious recognition to Authorities governing the scope of its work and its regulations.

Every line of product have walked through rigorous tests and have been approved by the Food and Drugs Board and Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine.

Joy Industries is also a member of GAFTRAM, an association which oversees the activities of herbal practitioners in Ghana. Having the customer as our primary focus and a wider distribution network across Ghana has been a major success indicator for this prestigious company.

It is our mission & vision to provide quality and unrivalled herbal products and to be the preferred manufacturer of choice in herbal medicine.


EntrySponsors of Mobile Community outreach ultrasound scan project in Atiwa, Ayensuano, Suhum, Akuapim South district the Eastern Region.

This project is a 2 year programme which will end in 2017



Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health