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The joy of an expectant couple to give birth when the wife is pregnant turns to mourning when she dies especially from preventable causes. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that diagnostic imaging is crucial in health care.

However, many countries in the developing world like Ghana cannot afford to purchase expensive high technology imaging equipment despite the urgent need to use imaging resources in these countries. Women in semi-urban and rural areas across Ghana and Africa in general often die due to preventable complications during childbirth, as they have no access to ultrasound screenings to detect critical conditions.

Many of these deaths can be diagnosed with basic imaging technology.

Our team researched and concluded that we will send this ultrasound imaging technology to the rural communities free of charge to our pregnant women to prevent needless and preventable deaths of pregnant women. Pregnant women in the rural areas have to travel on bad roads to the city to queue for ultrasound scan services.

There are places where even transportation is not necessary or even the money to pick a car to the health facility becomes a challenge because most of the rural areas are poor and even when transportation is necessary the roads are even poor and these pregnant women have to go sleep overnight .

Health is a necessity and becomes more than crucial when a woman is pregnant.
Our mothers especially the pregnant ones and children are always the vulnerable looking at our society set up system, hence, the health and education of these class of the society must be a priority, it is on this note that

Divine mother and child foundation in want to bring a positive change to as many people we come across in our community.
Ultrasound is important in promoting maternal and child health but in Ghana the service is found only in the district hospitals.

In recent times technology has made this modality so affordable and widely available that is unacceptable to watch such needless deaths occur when ultrasound application could help improve survival rates.

Ectopic pregnancy, abortion, and gestational trophoblastic diseases (GTDs) are the common conditions of the first trimester that can cause maternal mortality, due to the possibility of severe hemorrhage, shock or sepsis. Patients usually present with bleeding and/or pain but can also remain asymptomatic for a long time. In some cases patients don’t even realize they are pregnant, particularly in some cases of ectopic pregnancy and missed abortion.

Ultrasound imaging is extremely useful for obtaining accurate diagnoses for the first trimester conditions. It is therefore important to exclude early pregnancy pathology in every woman of reproductive age who presents with amenorrhea, abnormal bleeding and pain, using the diagnostic ultrasound imaging. This approach to medical care can potentially reduce maternal mortality.

In the first trimester a pregnant mother can benefit from ultrasound imaging in the estimation of gestational age (GA), particularly those who cannot recall their last menstrual period (LMP), or those who do not have regular 28 day menstrual cycle.

Gestational age has emerged as one of the most important predictors of perinatal mortality.
The outcome of pregnancy is more closely related to gestational age as determined by ultrasound imaging.

Accurate GA enables future detection of intrauterine growth restriction, large gestational age, and also essential in decision making for delivery or conditions such as premature rupture of membranes (PROM), postdates, placenta previa, hypertensive disorders, etc.

Ultrasonography is the diagnostic tool or choice for detecting multiple pregnancies (as early as five weeks gestation.

In December last year, Vodafone Ghana foundation brought an initiative called “bring a cheer to your community” and we saw it as a big opportunity to help our community.

We applied and by His grace, we were chosen and given grant to start this project.

Over 2000 pregnant women in rural areas are expected to receive free maternal care in a form of ultrasound scan in four selected districts for 2 years.

For now we will be piloting in four municipal/districts namely: Ayensuano, Akuapim South, Suhum and Atiwa all in the Eastern region of Ghana. The commitment of the NGO in promoting maternal and child health is envisaged that by the end of the project, maternal mortality in the region will be decreased to 30% and antenatal attendance will double

We will also want to extend to all regions of Ghana and so calling on donors, philanthropists, and corporate organizations to support in cash and kind to this worthy course for its sustainability and extension
Vodafone Ghana foundation, Joy Industries and the Ghana Health service in Eastern Region are supporting us for this project.

We have a skilled sonographer and supporting staffs that will ensure this project becomes a success.